Why does my Asus Router QoS not work properly?

When Asus router QoS does not work then we are unable to get faster internet services.Well, QoS is an excellent and underutilized tool that helps users to prioritize things which they want.For example, it is more important to give priority to Skype call rather than downloading of large files. Using good QoS rules, you can easily divide bandwidth between different applications.QoS settings are easy to set but if your Asus router QoS is not working then make a call at Asus Router Technical Support Number.

There are some steps which are required for QoS settings on Asus Router :-

  1. The best time to set QoS settings in Asus router is when your network is free from substantial uploads and downloads.
  2. Try to perform bandwidth tests which help us to determine network speed.
  3. Open your web browser and type the IP address of Asus Router into the address bar.
  4. You will see a wizard where you have to enter details in the username and password field box.
  5. Go to Traffic Manager Section and turn on QoS.

6.Now make some changes in upload and download bandwidth settings.We can set upload to 87.65 *.9 = 78.88 and download to 85.88 *.9 = 77.3

7.After this, click on Apply button.Go to User-Defined QoS rules. Now delete all existing rules and add new rules.Change upstream network packets and make a click on the checkbox of ACK, SPN, and ICMP.

8.Go to user-defined priorities.Change default settings to set the configuration.

9.At last, click on Apply button and save entire settings.

Here we have discussed how to enable Quality of Service on Asus Router :-

To enable QoS , make some rules which are helpful to resolve your network issues.Such as giving priority to work traffic, speedy access outside from home network or Netflix streaming services.Don’t apply dozen of rules as they can create a headache.However, upload and download speed are required to set in QoS setup.Try to avoid high bandwidth activities on your network.Open “speedtest.net” and click on Begin Test button.Convert the number of transfers from megabits to kilobits for download and upload bandwidth.Now open Asus router admin page. After this, open a web browser and enter the IP address of Asus router in the address bar. Enter username and password.Now go to QoS tab and select Enable button.After thisScience Articles, prioritize your traffic.Now return to QoS Control Panel and check your entire settings.

Call at Asus Router Customer Support Number for Instant Help

In case you are not satisfied with above solutions then contact Asus Router Technical Support Number.Our expert engineers can easily diagnose all software errors and provide quick results over live chats and emails.Users can receive world class technical help by talking to our tech individuals that are available for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.We have a team of dedicated technicians who are capable of eliminating all Asus router errors at the real time.The main aim of Asus Customer Support is to render guaranteed results with 100% satisfaction.Just feel free and get appropriate assistance in a single call.