Spagetti Dinner Fundraiser Tips

A spaghetti supper fundraiser is a old fundraising event, but many groupings overlook additional revenue opportunities. Just piecing together the spaghetti supper is not more than enough.

Below are a few event tips about maximizing turnout and many fundraising activities it is possible to increase your event.You will need to provide people a solid reason to wait and then you must supply them with multiple methods to help improve the needed funds.


Many groups forget the power of publicity and wonder why they didn’t get yourself a larger crowd. Improve your turnout having a press release concentrating on probably the most newsworthy facet of your event.

A human curiosity story is generally newsworthy, so be certain your overview paragraph information why you are increasing funds and exactly how they will advantage the recipient.

Include pictures whenever you can because a great picture practically warranties lots of promotion.Newspapers, r / c, and television channels all want to provide news stories which have widespread charm and tug on the heartstrings, thus be certain your news release includes a newsworthy angle.

Ticket prices

Make them very costly and you’ll cost yourself from the reach of several customers. Too inexpensive and you will not raise enough money.Once your promotion campaign ensures an excellent turnout, be sure you price your seat tickets correctly.

It’s usually better to hold solution prices fairly low and provide discounts for households, small children, university students, and older persons.


Attach a sheet of paper towards the donation pot saying something similar to ‘Every TINY BIT Assists’ or ‘Donations Often Welcome’ or ‘Make Investigations Payable To.Place a big jug or bucket best next to the money register and suspend a large indication above it requesting donations.’

Oftentimes, you can boost seeing that much in donations seeing that you did with solution sales. Also if people just donate their differ from buying seat tickets, you are prior to the game. The main element is prominent positioning where wallets and checkbooks already are out.

Silent auctions

Ask regional business to contribute goods or providers and place those products on dining tables where people wait around in-line.At any fundraising event, silent auction items certainly are a great way to improve money.

Tape straight down your bid bed linens and pens in order that it’s possible for a grown-up to bid when using only one hands.Include a total description of every item in large, easy-to-read type.

Raffle tickets

Take the very best item or assistance that was donated and sell raffle seat tickets both before and through the event.Performing a raffle can be another smart way to fundraise at the spaghetti dinner.

What you perform is offer seat tickets where the award winner gets fifty percent of the full total raffle solution sales as well as the other half would go to the cause.If you cannot get a sufficient award which will attract more in raffle solution sales than it probably will offer for, then consider supplying a cash raffle.

Again, where to market the seat tickets is right close to the check out where people curently have money in hands.

Various other fundraising ideas

You are able to ask regional businesses to become sponsors of the event. You should use regional superstars as waiters. You are able to sell marketing space for the placemats.There are several other ways to include fundraising activities to a spaghetti dinner.

You could question a local superstar chef to participate and make a particular tableside dessert for a supplementary fee or being a award of some kind.Using cases, you can offer a cash bar or add a wine tasting within the event.

The main element is to add as much fundraising activities as you possibly can and extend your reach even to individuals who can’t help to make it to the function through raffle ticket sales, silent auction items, etc.


An excellent newsworthy news release is usually one way to increase turnout.You first task is to get as much attendees as you possibly can, so use every type of publicity. Another is usually to promote greatly through news letters, roadside indicators, and word-of-mouth.

Providing a good way to simply accept donations is usually often forgotten, but extremely worthwhile.Giving raffle seat tickets and silent public sale items are confirmed ways to increase more cash at any event.

Include as much fundraising activities as you possibly can as well as your spaghetti supper fundraiser is a resounding success!

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