Promote Cooperation Between China And Russia And Wood Plastic Composite Industry

August 27, afternoon between China and Russia, both officials, experts in forestry development cooperation between China and Russia for the BBS, forestry timber investment guidelines between China and Russia around the theme from the discussion, forestry cooperation between China and Russia potential customers, guidelines and rules and relevant the conversation. BBS from the nationwide wood market vice movie director of workplace of administration DongXinMin host, town market leaders WangYuWei, ZhuNaiZhen went to the BBS. The forestry advancement assistance between China and Russia solid wood expo BBS from the condition forestry administration, heilongjiang people’s authorities, Russia binhai krays the government–the timber market management workplace, heilongjiang provincial forestry division, mudanjiang town people’s authorities, SuiFenHeShi people’s authorities contractors.

The state forestry administration, the overall administration of customs, binhai krays Russia, Germany forestry, forest industry and wildlife protection agency and related personage, China timber distribution association, the association of industry of Chinese forest products, China furniture association and additional departments related leaders, and a lot more than 300 Chinese and foreign guests attended BBS. Perform the “venturing out” starting strategy, specifically to combine and increase the assistance with Russia’s advancement,Wood Plastic material Composite ground. Russia coastal 1st vice President from the chamber of business and market NiSuo Randolph, the legal framework of administration in the lawyer’s attorney affairs BaoWa, binhai interpersonal business owners, the vice chairman from the committee, such as for example skin, has released his conversation. The wood plastic material lumber products market management in workplace movie director liu changgen entitled the Chinese language wood industry advancement present scenario and trend from the said inside a speech, to resolve the man-made table manufacturing market in developing complications, we should increase cultivated part of fast-growing and high-yielding system, enhancing forest property utilization, Conditioning technology improvement and technology development, improve efficiency;

From the overall customs FaGuiChu a lot more than the joy in day entitled “China’s customs for import and export of timber and supervision of Russia and China on proposal of speech highlights that, to resolve the timber furniture, timber, timber processing export organization creation costs rise, and a decline in margins issue, should guide the timber processing enterprises to boost the lumber utilization efficiency, enhance the management advantage of organization; The positive advancement log way to obtain imports, improve log assets safeguard level; Advancement forest industry round economy, and attain high efficiency usage of timber, and comprehensive usage and recycling; SuiFenHeShi command in the BBS to guests released the problem of SuiFenHeShi, and asked guests and SuiFenHeShi advancement together timber market. The border region to want to create full usage of advantages in business, and Russia in solid wood items import and export trade Solid wood Plastic Composite ground price.

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