Problems And Reformation of Hammer Crusher

The hammer crusher is split into: single-stage hammer crusher, efficient hammer crusher, sand machine, vertical shaft hammer crusher, reversible hammer crushers.2, hammer crusher reform measuresDelete the center of the half-vice from the display border and modification the initial dual-screen boundary to just a single one, and then modification the initial 2-1, the main from the display from the display. Although it includes a effective crushing capability, but relatively it can have some complications inherent in debt Star machine specialists through the hammer crusher, how exactly to correct and modification how to completely deal with:Existing one, hammer crusherDual display border of the initial machine, but due to the direct dedication through the rotor as well as the chalk in the center of the display frame, leading to greater deterioration, excessive deterioration caused by the center of a half-screen platform is set up unsafe, frequently loosening, peeling , that may result in maintenance difficulties, older middle of the display frame is add up to about 14% from the materials in neuro-scientific display supports up certified limestone crushing cannot put out right here over and over to break the damaged chalk, result in the fragmentation effectiveness can be low, the result isn’t high .4 kwh / t power limestone is decreased to 2. vice hammer gravel, but following the reform, because of increased creation, 25000 have to modification the gravel a hammer.0 kwh / t.Content of the display material remains to be unchanged, then your general casting the RABphysical in the center of this article the display to be able to increase the power of this article screenAnd keep carefully the hammer rotating group distance between your same after change display.The two 2. each just 15,000,3, hammer crusher effect of reformRemove the center of the semi-Vice-screen package, through the testing section of the qualified limestone and coal mill boost about 14% from the content articles, and enhance the efficient creation from the crusher to 65 around 75 T / h. Trigger the device to frequent restoration and maintenance function number and effect of creation because the existence from the display frame and display is simple to put on a sieve, this issue continues to be resolved following the reform, every month helps you to save two-pack of stainless rods.

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