Poly Electrolyte For Industrial Water Treatment Chemicals

Chemtex Speciality Small is among the leading international ISO 9001:2008 certified businesses focused on provide its customers with industry leading technology in RO membrane pretreatment chemical substances to take care of RO feed drinking water from scaling, corrosion, organic foulants want bacterias, fungi, algae etc.

Our R&D Group is continuously involved to meet up the ever changing requirements from the RO membrane drinking water treatment industry. Because of this, Chemtex has frequently produced and continues to be producing excellent quality and incredibly effective RO pretreatment chemical substances to perform your RO systems easily and to improve the system life.

Chemtex has acquired techie knowledge in formulating an array of Industrial Chemical substances for large industrial intake. These contaminants are then consumed by activated useful group in the flocculent polymer. This effective commercial chemical is with the capacity of marketing flocculation by neutralizing and destabilizing the superficial electrical fees of sludge contaminants in water. We procedure and supply Air pollution Treatment Polyelectrolyte, which really is a high molecular pounds flocculent polymer. Prepared by pursuing well defined commercial procedures, they are broadly demanded due to their specific structure and pH worth. Provided in tamper-proof product packaging material, these commercial chemicals could be availed from us at sector leading prices.

Chemtex’s Poly Electrolytes are organic substances comprise a family group of proprietary items, including anionic, cationic and non-ionic emulsions and dried out poly acryl amides, which may be used whenever water/solids separation is necessary in industrial applications. To meet up the demands of varied treatment applications, such as for example clarification and sludge dewatering, Chemtex’s polyelectrolyte items can be found with different molecular weights, type and charge densities.

Program: – RO, NF, UF, MF Membranes


v Type & Appearance – Natural powder/Liquid

v Viscosity – Item Particular (mPa.s)

v Particular Gravity – Item Specific

v pH – Item Specific (pH)

v Solid Content material – Product Particular (%)

v Charge – Cationic/Anionic/Neutral

v Solubility in Drinking water – 100%

Essential Features and Main Benefits:-

v Decolorizing agent, COD decreasing

v Mainly utilized for color removal for dense color waste materials water

v May be used to treat waste drinking water from textile market and dye homes, pigment market, printing market and paper industry

v Improved clarification

v Improved color removal

v Minimizes sludge volume

v Improved filtration system runs

v Improved settling and separation

v Improved floc size and formation

v Minimizes sludge

Dosage and Technique: – Chemtex’s Poly Electrolytes are dosed by diluting it all with 10 – 40 occasions with water and dosed in to the waste materials drinking water directly, after getting mixed several moments, waste materials is precipitated or air flow – floated as well as the water becomes crystal clear.

It really is dosed just as per the dose rate and approach to MAXFLOC T, MAXFLOC 20, MAXFLOC 30, MAXFLOC 502, MAXFLOC 504, MAXFLOC 506, MAXFLOC 507, MAXFLOC C-11, MAXFLOC C-21, MAXFLOC C-22, MAXFLOC C-31, MAXFLOC C-33, MAXFLOC A 106, MAXFLOC A 107, MAXFLOC A 108, MAXFLOC A 115 and MAXFLOC 301 from THERMAX; SOILSEP selection of items from GE Drinking water etc. CHARGEPAC, DREWFLOC and AMERFLOC selection of items from CHEMBOND ASHLAND; PERMAFLOC Personal computer 306, PERMAFLOC Personal computer 306 T and PERMAFLOC Personal computer 603 T from NALCO;

Please make reference to your CSL support engineer for exact item dosage. To get hold of Chemtex for Polyelectrolyte and wide variety of industrial drinking water treatment chemical substances, dial to +91-33-71111111 or email us info@ .

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