Pink Flamingo Fundraiser For Nonprofit Groups

It’s a straightforward fundraiser for just about any size group to construct because it needs very little work to maintain it heading.A red flamingo fundraiser is fun way to improve money for your preferred cause.

The essential fundraising idea involves deploying a flock of pink plastic flamingoes in someone’s yard or outdoors a company entrance. And, after that it goes on to describe that they can have to spend $10 per flamingo to keep these things relocated. An email is left detailing that the individual or business continues to be selected by you to definitely become ‘flocked’ for an excellent cause.

The flocking procedure continues throughout the fundraising event.The fun part is that every flocking victim then reaches select the next victim.

When that occurs, you just take away the parrots, have the prior recipient decide on a fresh victim and obtain things going yet again.Obviously, you may always come across several killjoys who don’t see either the humor or the nice cause behind the flocking.

Getting started

It seems sensible to possess multiple flocks operating at exactly the same time, so buy five dozen roughly.There’s a small upfront investment in the flamingoes, nevertheless, you quickly recoup that cost with several flockings.

That method your fundraising info and the prior victim’s note will remain protected from your elements.Article your fundraising manifesto and place copies in a big plastic Ziplock tote mounted on the foot of every flock’s leader.

Publicity tips

Come up with a news release stressing the actual funds elevated will be utilized for you need to include photos of your complete flock at a prominent area.Papers, radio and tv channels are always buying humorous tale, particularly a single that’s for an excellent cause.

Distribute it to all or any the media connections in your marketplace and make follow-up phone calls to encourage great exposure.Make sure to consist of full get in touch with information and the most common who, what, when, where, why, and exactly how in your news release.

Profit tips

Reserve several big flocks for business places and divide the others into groups which range from two to six wild birds.Maximize the success of your green flamingo fundraiser by dividing your flock into various size groupings.

And, another sufferer won’t resent getting the recipient because it isn’t super costly to keep carefully the flamingo fundraiser shifting.That way, a homeowner can simply fork out $20 or $30 to relocate several birds.

Shopping center places aren’t as useful because of the lack of close by placement options.Great business targets are attorneys, doctors, dental practitioners, realtors and various other high-traffic professionals.

For example, a cancers fundraiser might make use of doctor’s scrubs and nurse’s clothes on each flamingo with an indicator around their necks challenging payment.To attract a lot more interest, some groups also dress up a few of their wild birds in funny clothes.

A college group raising money for sports group travel expenses positioned symptoms around their necks stating they required some travel cash to go back home.One group dressed theirs up like employees on hit carrying signs requesting more money.

Sixty wild birds earning $10 per day for 3 weeks will increase $12,600!


Don’t be scared of offending somebody because it’s all for an excellent cause.Getting creative and just a little wacky inside your approach could be a good thing together with your flamingo fundraiser.

Use funny clothes and symptoms to attract a lot more victims. Separate your flock into several size groupings and make multiple channels of income with each batch relocated each day.Function the publicity position to create community knowing of what your fundraiser is focused on.

& most importantly, enjoy your red flamingo fundraiser!

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