Event Fundraising Benchmarks

Convio has released its annual Peer-to-Peer Event Fundraising Standard Research of 48 different non-profits and a lot more than 1,800 fundraising occasions which utilize Convio TeamRaiser. Collectively these companies raised a lot more than $1 billion through event fundraising this year 2010.

The main element takeaways for event fundraisers want the jump:

Traditional Events (walk, run, or ride events hosted by a business):

Third-party or self-employed fundraising occasions (occasions hosted with respect to a business):

Study Strategy:

Additionally, the percent of differ from 2009 to 2010 was determined for every median and mean worth, to be able to know how the metrics are trending as time passes. The average ideals are including all data factors, and are consequently influenced by the biggest and smallest outliers in the dataset. The median ideals determine the half-way stage where half from the noticed data points experienced ideals above and half below the median.In analyzing each metric, both median as well as the mean (typical) were calculated and taken into consideration.

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