Cookie Dough Fundraising Tips

Exactly what is a cookie dough fundraiser,

You equip your retailers having a brochure, an purchase form, and a simple sales script.The essential concept is equivalent to all order taker fundraisers.

The dough will come in a multitude of tastes, including some that are sugars free. Typical retail price can be $10 per three-pound tub.Your group does catalog product sales of the three-pound tub of cookie dough.

Some suppliers are actually giving the dough in pre-sliced deals to help expand simplify the cooking process.

All you perform is add drinking water, mix yourself, and you possess your cookie dough prepared for cooking.Others are providing it inside a dry out mix it doesn’t have to be refrigerated.


Some suppliers also provide a bigger four-pond tub for somewhat more.Many fundraising companies provide three-pound tubs of cookie dough in a 40%-50% lower price.

s a thing that they appreciate themselves. Children like offering this since it,Cookie dough must be refrigerated, which means this fundraiser takes a bit more delivery preparation.

That means approximately $50 in income per vendor, which is fairly good.The common seller makes ten sales or approximately $100 in revenue.

Factors inside your cookie dough fundraiser success include freight costs, quantity discount rates, quality from the brochure, amount of available cookie dough options, and the necessity to keep carefully the dough refrigerated.

This product is effective for both elementary school and senior high school fundraising.

As always, perform an RFQ fax estimate to the provider list and obtain your best feasible discount in advance.Larger groups can simply earn a volume discount over 50%.

Sales Tips

Here’s what they have to do to market:

Smile, make use of their name in greeting, and introduce yourself

Utilize the power of ‘because’ (provide a reason)

Require their help (require the purchase)

Make eye get in touch with and recommend a favorite

Example product sales script: (Hold it brief & special)

(Smile and make eyesight get in touch with) Johnson!Hello there, Mrs.

(Give product sales flyer with huge bold print out)I’m Jimmy Roberts from outside.

Our school does a cookie dough fundraiser because we are in need of new computers.

Is it possible to help us out using a $10 contribution, The best is the delicious chocolate chip, but peanut butter is certainly real popular as well! That gets you a three-pound tub of cookie dough.

(Pause and await a reply)

The key points are to smile, utilize a sales flyer, utilize the word because, require their help, and suggest an order size, then await a response.

Don’t waste leads by not getting ready.Each prospect includes a potential money value to your company. Make sure all of your sellers know very well what to state and how exactly to say it.

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