Brick Fundraising

By using custom made laser-engraved donor bricks, the group can prize it’s followers with permanent reputation inside a prominent place.Brick fundraising is effective for churches, private hospitals, schools and non-profit organizations.

These projects are often used to invest in donations to a capital marketing campaign.Brick fundraisers usually involve a walkway, entryway, or wall structure that incorporates the personalized bricks in to the overall design.

Getting started

The scale and design of the task will regulate how very much money you can boost.The very first thing you require to choose is what size your brick fundraiser ought to be with regards to project area and design.

For example, a walkway made out of custom bricks could be extended every year or a yoga garden can possess extra plantings or benches added, each one giving new fundraising possibilities.It’s often smart to incorporate space for further development or potential add-ins towards the project.

Sizes range between little brick pavers made to top a preexisting sidewalk completely up to 16×16 paving rocks in a number of colours.Next, you will need to choose the design and size of bricks for assembling your project.

You may charge even more for the bigger sizes because they allow even more text and also have higher presence.Obviously, your decision depends on what style incorporates well together with your project design and how much cash you intend to raise.


Your publication and email list certainly are a great place to begin, but don’t prevent there.Once you have finalized assembling your project and collection your prices, you will need to get the term out to all or any possible supporters.

Include the regular information within every news release, but emphasize within your overview paragraph the stunning nature of assembling your project and fine detail why you’re increasing funds.You will need major publicity to improve major money, so come up with a news release or press kit.

Follow-up your news release by phoning all the main media outlets and provide them exclusive picture opps and onsite interviews.Consist of eye-catching photos and style drawings because you intend to stand out like a newsworthy story.

After that feature those donors in follow-up press releases. That provides people additional time to become listed on in and in addition allows for extra publicity coverage. picture opps, etc.Perform assembling your project in phases. You can even present big donors special privileges to personalize main top features of your style, such as rock benches or fountains.

Brick fundraising pricing

Charge what the marketplace will carry, but consider multiple cost factors to attract the widest feasible donor foundation.Donor pricing will vary widely by task design, brick size, brick positioning, marketplace potential, funds required, and community interest.

Person to person from proud individuals will generate a lot more buzz locally about assembling your project.By giving an affordable basic level price point, building your shed can quickly collect fundraising momentum.

Arrange meetings within their homes or offices where you are able to show design programs, project pictures, and provide exclusive naming privileges to the best visibility locations.Concentrate attention about personal contacts with potential huge donors.

Publicize your largest donors in prominent ways because everybody loves to be acknowledged for his or her charitable contributions.


They offer a lovely way to identify donors for adding to a capital marketing campaign.A design task incorporating custom made, laser-engraved bricks is a superb way to improve funds for just about any cause.

The options are limited just by your creativity.Donor bricks could also be used for simple fund raising to cover a new college sidewalk or chapel meditation garden.

Get yourself started a brick fundraising task today!

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