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5 The Best Free Proxy Website To Open a Good and Useful Site

Sometimes you may face difficulty in accessing Facebook, especial those users who addicted to using public internet network. This problem happens due to Facebook and some other popular sites are blocked by IT Admin. If you are still want tounblock facebook site, then proxy is best and simple way to get access to blocked sites. It is also important to know which proxy sites can work for you, don’t worry we have prepared a list of 100% working proxy sites, check it below.

1. – It is a free web proxy websites which can be used to unblock your any other sites. It acts as an interface between computer and internet.  In fact, it allows making your all online activities not be traced. Thus, it provides full security.

2. – This is one of the best proxies. It is good in providing proxy servers. Even there is download feature for those proxy websites. Among all proxy websites, the Jet proxy is the fastest one.

3. – It allows you that much freedom that you can access the third party website also. You IP address are hidden while contacting with the third party. Your content can be hidden from the other party as well. Even, you recently viewed pages and as well as history can also be kept encrypted.

4. It is an SSL secure website. All the contents that you will post here will be encrypted. No one except having authentication can decrypt your content easily. It is the safer website.

5. This website is purely meant for accessing the blocked YouTube site or any YouTube video. You can access all the video of good quality. As, servers of youtube are located in different regions and different countriesScience Articles, so you can view videos from any region.

Why does my Asus Router QoS not work properly?

When Asus router QoS does not work then we are unable to get faster internet services.Well, QoS is an excellent and underutilized tool that helps users to prioritize things which they want.For example, it is more important to give priority to Skype call rather than downloading of large files. Using good QoS rules, you can easily divide bandwidth between different applications.QoS settings are easy to set but if your Asus router QoS is not working then make a call at Asus Router Technical Support Number.

There are some steps which are required for QoS settings on Asus Router :-

  1. The best time to set QoS settings in Asus router is when your network is free from substantial uploads and downloads.
  2. Try to perform bandwidth tests which help us to determine network speed.
  3. Open your web browser and type the IP address of Asus Router into the address bar.
  4. You will see a wizard where you have to enter details in the username and password field box.
  5. Go to Traffic Manager Section and turn on QoS.

6.Now make some changes in upload and download bandwidth settings.We can set upload to 87.65 *.9 = 78.88 and download to 85.88 *.9 = 77.3

7.After this, click on Apply button.Go to User-Defined QoS rules. Now delete all existing rules and add new rules.Change upstream network packets and make a click on the checkbox of ACK, SPN, and ICMP.

8.Go to user-defined priorities.Change default settings to set the configuration.

9.At last, click on Apply button and save entire settings.

Here we have discussed how to enable Quality of Service on Asus Router :-

To enable QoS , make some rules which are helpful to resolve your network issues.Such as giving priority to work traffic, speedy access outside from home network or Netflix streaming services.Don’t apply dozen of rules as they can create a headache.However, upload and download speed are required to set in QoS setup.Try to avoid high bandwidth activities on your network.Open “” and click on Begin Test button.Convert the number of transfers from megabits to kilobits for download and upload bandwidth.Now open Asus router admin page. After this, open a web browser and enter the IP address of Asus router in the address bar. Enter username and password.Now go to QoS tab and select Enable button.After thisScience Articles, prioritize your traffic.Now return to QoS Control Panel and check your entire settings.

Call at Asus Router Customer Support Number for Instant Help

In case you are not satisfied with above solutions then contact Asus Router Technical Support Number.Our expert engineers can easily diagnose all software errors and provide quick results over live chats and emails.Users can receive world class technical help by talking to our tech individuals that are available for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.We have a team of dedicated technicians who are capable of eliminating all Asus router errors at the real time.The main aim of Asus Customer Support is to render guaranteed results with 100% satisfaction.Just feel free and get appropriate assistance in a single call.

Why is my HP Printer not scanning to Mac?

If the printer is not identified by Mac then there is a problem with printer itself.If you are connected with USB cables then make sure cable is firmly connected with HP Printer and Mac.In case, you need assistance for why my HP Printer is not scanning to Mac then call at HP Printer Technical Support Number and get flawless solutions.

Here are some methods to fix HP Printer when it is not scanning to Mac :-

1.First of all, download and install HP Easy Scan App on Mac.Now place the document on the scanner glass.After this, select printer name from the display screen and choose your scan type.Now click on Scan option and scan next item.Select thumbnail version of scanned data and click on Edit option to change the size and color.Now save all your scan on Mac.

2.Check the settings on Mac.Close all applications and turn off HP Printer.Now restart the printer and go to Applications.Now click on HP folder and go to HP Utility.After this, open scan settings and click on Scan to Computer button.Just enable this button and start the scanning process.

3.Try to reset the print system because it removes printing items from the queue.Open confirmation window and click on Reset.After this, enter administrator name and password and click on OK button.Now, wait for some time which that printing screen can reset.After the completion of this process, the printer will not display in the list.Now, install HP Printer driver and add to Mac.After this, start scanning process.

4.Use AirPrint to scan photos and documents. For this, click on Apple menu and select System Preferences.Now click on Print Scan after choosing HP printer.Go to Scan button and open Scanner.To view the details of the scanning process, click on Show Details.Select Document Feeder Mode and click on Scan option.

Extra points to troubleshoot HP Printer glitches:-

  1. a) To install HP printer and Apple updates, run Apple Software Update application.Go to Apple menu and click on About this Mac option.After this, click on Software Update option and click on Update All button.
  2. b) Go to Preferences and click on Apple menu. Now click on Print and Scan button.Select Plus button and click on HP Printer option.Select your HP Printer model and click on “Use” option.Double click on print queue and go to Settings.Open HP Printer Utility and install HP Printer driver on Mac.

Essence of HP Printer Technical Support for all Users

Whenever you experience any kind of nuisance in HP Printer then it is recommended to contactHP Printer Technical Support Number.Our techies provide a relevant solution over the phone as well as through live-chats.Well, it is very annoying when we struck in the middle of the night. But you can get a quick guidance by calling at HP Printer Customer Support Number.Engineers are available for every hour of day and night.Besides these servicesFeature Articles, we are capable of bringing smile on customer’s face at the time of need.Feel hesitate free and connect with us.

How to remove Virus in Windows XP on pc and lapotop?

Viruses can put the computer at risk and make Windows XP to run slower.Some example of the virus are backdoors, keyloggers, spyware, adware, rootkits, and trojans.When you see unusual error messages on Windows XP desktop then you can easily detect that there is some stealthy presence of unauthorized functions.To avoid such glitches, run a full scan of the computer and keep your software up-to -date. Sometimes, it is very difficult to remove virus in Windows XP then try to boot XP Windows in safe mode.If you need any help then make a call at Windows XP Technical Support Number and permanently delete virus from your PC.

Follow these steps to prevent and remove the virus from Windows XP :-

1.Go to Start and click on Run option.After this, type “regedit.exe” in the field box.Click on OK and open Registry Editor.Now expand “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” option.Go to Software tab and expand Microsoft option.Now click on Windows and expand Current Version.

2.Make a right-click on Computer and choose Explore.Now expand the documents and settings.After this, click on All users and go to Application Data.Make a right click on the virus and delete it.Now reboot your computer and perform necessary tasks.

3.Click on Start option and go to Run.Type “secpol.msc” and press OK.Now go to Security Settings Window and click on Software Restriction Policy.After this, click on Additional rules and open Security level.Go to the Unrestricted mode and click on Apply option.Now get back to Local Security Settings and disallow Security Levels.After this, open Software Restriction Policy and double click on Enforcement tab.Just mark all software files and run the command “go update/force” in command prompt.

4.Use Windows XP System Restore Tool for repairing.Go to System Tools and open Programs. Select Accessories and click on “Restore my computer to an earlier time”. Also, download an anti-malware software to protect your PC from viruses.

5.Turn off your network connection and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to restart the system.Press F8 key during the process of restarting.Now select “Safe mode with networking” to access the system.Now install an antivirus software and run a full scan of computer.

Call at Windows XP Technical Support Number and Get relieved from Annoyances

Are you facing virus conflicts in Windows XP?Pick your phone and make a call at Windows XP Technical Support Number. We have a team of expert technicians that help us to fix windows hag-up snags.The important benefit of using Windows XP Technical Support Services is that users are not required to go anywhere.This is because tech-guys use advance technology to remove virus from user’s system. The good thing is that we offer instant answers through email supportPsychology Articles, chat support and phone calls.Remote desktop connection is used by experts to eliminate malware errors. So why to wait when Windows XP Customer Support is accessible for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.Just talk to us and bid a final goodbye to Windows issues.